Access all your information electronically and help cut down on paper waste

  • The fastest way to receive your statements- generally the first business day after month-end.
  • Decrease the threat of identity thieves who can go “dumpster diving” for your account information.
  • Are available to save, view or print any time.
  • Not to mention, it’s the “green” thing to do!

Why make the switch to eStatements?

  • eStatements are fast – eStatements typically arrive three to four days earlier than mailed paper statements.
  • eStatements are easy to access – When your eStatement is available, the system notifies you by e-mail. You access the eStatement whenever you’re ready. If you misplace a statement, your dog eats it, or you spill coffee all over your desk, simply log in again for a new copy!
  • eStatements are secure – Your eStatements are protected with the highest security standards.
  • eStatements are flexible – Save eStatements on your hard drive or print them for your files.

eStatement Enrollment Instructions

1. Log-in to your account

2. Select the account you want to enroll in eStatements

3. Click on Online statements and a pop-up window will open

4. Click Continue

5. Fill in your information and click Save