Current Mortgage Rates

Should you apply for a mortgage now or wait for mortgage rates on Long Island to fall? Could they go up in the meantime? Many factors influence mortgage rates in the region.

Mortgage rates are the interest rate charged by lenders to borrow money to buy a home. Each lender has the right to set their own interest rate and what factors they use to assign rates to borrowers.

What gets confusing is that current New York mortgage rates on Long Island are likely to be very different than rates in the coming weeks or months. It’s up to you, the borrower, to determine if rates are ideal now or will be later.

To do that, you need to understand what factors influence mortgage rates. The Federal Reserve policies are one factor.  If the Fed lowers or raises rates, many lenders will too. Other factors also impact rates, including inflation, as they increase the cost of most goods and services. Even the local real estate market can influence rates. As demand for loans goes up due to more people being in the market, rates may increase.

Why does it matter? As a borrower, the mortgage rate you pay directly influences how affordable it is to buy a home. It plays a role in the overall cost you’ll pay to borrow and the monthly payment. Staying up to date on current mortgage rates on Long Island allows you to learn when it’s time to borrow or even refinance your existing loan.

Finding the Best Mortgage Rates on Long Island

Long Island mortgage rates differ from one lender to the next. That means it’s up to you to compare options to find the best mortgage rate for your needs. To do this, you’ll want to use various tools.

  • Contact mortgage lenders directly with whom you already have a relationship. Ask for their latest mortgage rates.
  • Visit the websites of lenders in your area to find available rates.
  • Use online comparison tools, but be warned these are not always up to date.


Each of these tools will provide you with the base rate or sometimes the best rate the lender offers. That doesn’t mean that’s exactly what you’ll pay. Often, the mortgage rate Long Island residents pay is based partially on their credit score. The lowest rates are often available for people with the best credit scores. There’s less risk involved in these loans to lenders, so they can afford to charge a lower rate.

For that reason, if you’re considering getting a mortgage, Long Island lenders will pull a copy of your credit report to start the process of providing you a quote. Use this time to make sure you improve your credit score as much as possible prior to applying. Make payments on time, lower your debt-to-income ratio, and make sure you’re not overextending your credit use. That’s going to help you secure better mortgage rates.

Refinancing Options for Long Island Homeowners

Mortgage refinancing on Long Island also requires careful planning and monitoring of interest rates. Various refinancing options are available to allow consumers to obtain the funds they need for specific objectives. Like with mortgage loans, your rate is going to be influenced by your credit score and any available programs you qualify for. Here are some types of refinancing to consider:

  • Cash-out refinance: In this situation, you’ll refinance your mortgage loan to secure a new loan. Any equity in your home is then paid to you. You can use that cash for any need you have, such as debt consolidation or home improvement.
  • Rate and term refinance: In this situation, you’ll refinance to get a new interest rate and loan terms on the existing loan. If rates are lower right now, your lender may be willing to offer this opportunity.

When considering any type of refinancing, ensure you consider the following:

  • The potential new interest rate
  • How that impacts monthly payments
  • If you’ll get any cash out to use for other needs
  • How that impacts the loan term
  • What closing costs are


You want to be sure you understand the break-even point. There are costs associated with obtaining a new loan, and if those costs are higher than what you’ll save, this may not be beneficial.

Tips for Navigating the Mortgage Application Process on Long Island

When you’re ready to take a closer look at your options, you’ll work with a Long Island credit union to apply for the loan. Many times, you can start this process in person at a local branch or online.

Your first step should be to gather all of the documentation you need to show the lender you have the ability to borrow and make payments on time. You’ll need:

  • Government-issued identification
  • Paycheck stubs for the last several months
  • Your tax forms for the last two years
  • A list of all of your expenses
  • W-2s to show your income
  • Bank statements showing your available down payment and expenses


Work closely with the loan officer to provide them with all requested information. Doing so will allow you to not just provide info but also to ask questions that you have along the way. They should be able to tell you what to expect from the start.

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage with Island FCU could be the easiest option for you to take. You can start that process now.

Understanding Mortgage Rate Fluctuations on Long Island

At Island Federal Credit Union mortgage rates are based on many factors. All lenders must take into consideration how economic circumstances and unexpected changes play a role in their ability to lend. A core component of that is the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve lends financial institutions funds that are then lent to others. By setting the key lending rate – the cost charged to banks – the Federal Reserve can better control access to money. That directly impacts the economy. For example, to spur economic growth, the Fed often reduces the key lending rate, which is then passed on to the consumer. When inflation increases, the Fed tries to reduce that rate by increasing the key lending rate, making it harder to access lower rates.

All of this impacts your ability to obtain a loan and the rate you’ll pay to do so. Don’t overlook the importance of monitoring political and economic factors to time out your home buying process and when you’ll borrow.

How to Apply for a Mortgage through Island Federal Credit Union

Applying for a Long Island mortgage with Island Federal is easy to do. Here’s what to expect:

  • Complete an initial application online by providing your personal identification information and income data.
  • You’ll become pre-approved for a loan after a loan officer initially reviews this information. That’s when you’ll learn how much we can lend.
  • Then, the verification process begins, and you’ll need to submit all documents to prove your assets, expenses, and income.
  • The underwriters will work through the process and provide final approval.


By choosing Island Federal Credit Union, you have the ability to apply for a competitive loan right away and easily. Interest rates are highly competitive, and our service is always personalized to your needs.

Final Thoughts

Mortgage rates will change. Many factors will influence that. As you consider the benefits of borrowing now, consider how affordable a mortgage loan payment would be for you right now. Work to improve credit scores and qualify for government programs to lower rates. Most importantly, borrow responsibly and work with a financial advisor.

Take Your Next Step with Island Federal Credit Union

When you connect with our team at Island Federal Credit Union, you’ll get access to the best rates we can offer. If you’re thinking about buying or refinancing, contact our loan officers now. Let’s talk about the benefits of borrowing now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mortgage Rates on Long Island

You can find the most up-to-date mortgage rates on Long Island by checking out our mortgage rates page.

To get the best mortgage rates, ensure you have a solid credit score and utilize any federal government programs you qualify for  If you are thinking of buying a home sometime in the future, schedule a meeting with one of our home buying experts to get the process started.

To know that, request a loan quote. Refinancing your loan could be beneficial if the current rates are lower than what you have and the cost savings fit your budgetary needs, such as offering a lower monthly payment.

Yes, rates vary between mortgage lenders of all types. It's a good idea to compare and contrast across multiple lenders so that you get the mortgage rate that best fits your needs.

When rates go up, the costs of borrowing increase with it. That means qualifying for a mortgage loan may be harder to do.

Utilize our loan officers to help you. That’s going to give you fast access to all loan programs that may fit your needs.

Typically, closing costs are 3%-5% of the loan amount.  Island Federal offers programs to help alleviate the burden of closing costs with our “Cut-The-Cost” Mortgage Program