Some fraudsters are going “old school” to commit bank fraud

While much safer than sending cash, we advise everyone use caution when sending paper checks through the mail.  Properly filling out a check offers a layer of protection, however thieves are even finding ways to manipulate completed checks to commit bank fraud.  When using paper checks, please consider the following:

1) Do not use your personal mailbox
  • We understand it’s more convenient to leave you mail in your personal mailbox for the postman to pick up, however it opens the door for would-be-thieves to get them first.  Try and drop off checks directly to the post office or a public USPS mailbox to limit the opportunities for fraud.

2) Pick up new check orders at local branches, rather than have them shipped
  • Contact your local Island Federal branch and our team would be happy to help you order new checks.  We’ll let you know once they arrive so you can schedule a time to pick them up and insure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

3) Try and use indelible black ink when writing out checks
  • By using a more permanent form of ink, it makes it much more difficult for thieves to alter your check once you’ve completed it.

4) Consider sending money through online banking
  • Island Federal offers complimentary mobile and online banking services for all of our Members.  Both services allow you to pay businesses and individuals directly to guarantee safe delivery.

If you suspect your may have been a victim of check fraud, or if you have any questions, please call or stop by your local Island Federal branch today