Teen Counting Money
Financial Education

Choosing a Debit Card for Teens

At what age can you get a debit card? While at one time most people didn’t get their first debit card until adulthood, today, there ...
10/ 1 ARM vs 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
Financial Education

10/1 ARM vs 30 Year Fixed

10/1 ARM vs 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Whether you’re buying a home or refinancing, it’s important to understand your primary financing options, including how current ...
Banks vs Credit Unions
Financial Education

Credit Union vs Bank

Credit Union vs Bank: Which Makes Sense for You? When it comes to financial services, you have choices. Two specific options you can choose from ...
Financial Education

4 High ROI Home Improvements

When you’re making improvements to your home, you’re not just making your life better in the short term. You’re also making an investment in your ...
Woman on Laptop on Island Federal website
Financial Education

Should I Open A Heloc Now?

If you’re looking for a large sum of money to use for a home improvement project, or the economic devastation of COVID-19 has left you ...
Financial Education

Pending Package Scam Alert

Financial Security: Beware of the New Pending Package Scam! Everyone loves a surprise package, and scammers are taking the excitement out of that experience by ...
Financial Education

APR Vs Interest Rate

What Is The Difference Between APR and Interest Rate? When comparing long-term loans, the interest rate and the annual percentage rate (APR) are often confused. ...
Holiday Budgeting
Financial Education

Holiday Budgeting Tips

Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing your loved ones’ faces light up when they open that perfect gift you (or Santa) gave them. The holidays ...
Mom on tablet with baby and toddler on lap
Financial Education

Financial Tips For Single Parents

Smart money management is always important, but it can take on more urgency for those who are without a partner. Whether you’re divorced, widowed, or ...
young male sitting in front of newly purchased car
Financial Education

Auto Loans: Credit Unions VS. Banks

Need a car but can’t pay cash? You have three choices: Borrow from the dealer or manufacturer’s financing company, borrow from a bank, or borrow ...

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In these challenging times, it is absolutely essential for everyone to have an understanding of financial basics. We encourage you to visit these sites for fair, unbiased and useful information about money and personal finances. These are great for you …and your family!

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